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In this newsletter we wish to call your attention to the role of the HOA and highlight the other entities and agencies that have jurisdiction over parts of our neighborhood. Our management company has recently been overwhelmed with calls and emails about many issues that are not related to our homeowners’ association, but our Metro District, the City of Aurora, or others. We want to help you find the appropriate agency to address your concerns and hope you will find the explanations, maps, and contact information helpful.

Spring has been an active time at the Conservatory. The preparations around the pool started even before the snowstorms stopped. The Design Review Committee and Social Committee had two Waterwise Presentations. One focused on water conservation and the other on the City of Aurora’s GRIP Program (Grass Replacement Incentive Program). Links to the information are on our website at The Social Committee has also held introductory how-to sessions on Block Parties. If you would like to organize your street, the guide can be referenced at

Two board members are leaving our community this June, Chris Horne and James Lawrence. We would like to thank them for their contributions during their tenure. The board appointed Bill Wrubleski and Barbara Gaetos to complete their remaining terms which run through November 9th when we will hold regular board elections and our annual meeting. It’s the perfect time to consider volunteering to run for a position on the HOA Board of Directors. See the article on how to consider and prepare for this responsibility in the June newsletter. Take note: the deadline for submitting your self-nomination application is September 7th and is available online at We hope to see you on the ballot.

Opportunities to get involved this summer also include volunteering for the budget committee. This committee meets 2 -3 times during August and September. Use the Contact Us option on our website to request consideration. A table will be set up at the Pool Opening Party on Saturday, May 27th to ask questions about all the volunteer needs of the community. The party is a great time to meet your neighbors and HOA representatives, so we hope you will join us!

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