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Wildfire Mitigation Presentation Held


Friday, April 22 Aurora Fire & Rescue, Parks & Recreation, and Plains Conservation Center representatives came to our clubhouse to address the issues of brush and wildfire preparedness and mitigation.  Fifty-Five residents attended.  Link to the handouts and to watch the recorded program are listed below.  We will add more information as we receive it.

Questions raised:

  1. What kinds of plants are fire resistant, and which should be avoided?

  2. If I want to replace wood mulch with rocks around my home, do I need HOA approval?  Yes, submit an application indicating what kind and color of rocks will be used.

  3. Will the warning siren in our neighborhood be fixed?

  4. My property adjoins open space.  Can I mow the tall native grasses on Parks & Recreation property myself?  No, please do not.

  5. Can I get help planning a Water Wise Landscape?  Contact the City of Aurora for their guidelines and read our Design Guidelines concerning Water Wise Landscaping and submit your plans for approval.


The association would like to thank Sheila Mozer for all her efforts to make this happen.

If you have any other questions to pose, please direct them to Helen Hardin, and we will reach out to the speakers.

Watch the recorded program at this link.

Link to handouts

Go Bag List       Wildfire Risk Reduction Safety      NFPA Tips to Protect Home     Agenda

Design Guidelines

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