Our Property Management Company 

The Conservatory at the Plains Board of Directors contracts with a property management company, Westwind Management Group.    We have a dedicated community manager Cylinda Mobley, who oversees our  community and assists the HOA with its management.  Alongside her is the staff at Westwind and Pauline Rivera,   Accounting Representative.   Cylinda and Pauline are the owners' primary contacts with the management company.   Office hours are held every Thursday in the Community Center from     1 - 5   PM.

Contact them at:  

     cylinda@westwindmanagement.com       303-369-1800  ext. 130

     pauline@westwindmanagement.com       303-369-1800  ext. 126


The HOA Board of Directors delegates the oversight and enforcement of our Community Covenants to our Property Management Company.  If you wish to contact a member of the Board of Directors go to the Contact Us Page.


     Declaration of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

     Rules and Regulations



Resident account information and community documents can be viewed at the link below.  To access your account information and view community documents you will need your account number and a password. Contact one of the Westwind Management contacts above to get access.




For our valued Real Estate Professionals, please visit Real Estate Professionals on our www.westwindmanagement.com main website to obtain all documentation needed for the sale or refinance of a home. 


Duties and Responsibilities of the Community Manager

A summary of the duties of the property manager are included for your information.


  • Maintain communication with the board, association members/owners and vendors

  • Respond to letters and log calls from owners

  • Send notices of meetings and general information at the direction of the board.

  • Holds office hours in our community on Thursdays from 1 PM to 5 PM at the Community Center, 2665 S Jebel Way.


  • Collect assessments

  • Ensure bills are paid

  • Produce financial statements

  • Establish a draft budget for the board

  • Ensure tax forms are completed and taxes paid


  • Advise the board on governing documents

  • Refer the board to other professional advisors

  • Research insurance coverage and process claims


  • Maintain files for each member of the association/owner

  • Maintain records for the association

  • Take minutes at meetings

  • Process initial Design Review Applications


  • Negotiate contracts – with board approval

  • Conducts property inspections for covenant violations

  • Monitor contract vendors

  • Inspect and maintain common elements

  • Handle emergency situations