2021 Community Board Members

The Conservatory at the Plains Board of Directors hold meetings on the second Thursday of each month except in December and November when the Annual Meeting is held. Monthly meetings are held at the Community Center beginning at 5:30 PM. 

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Helen Hardin, President

Helen Hardin: President    Term Ending November 2022

Board Secretary from 2018 to 2020

Board Vice-President from 2020 to 2021

Member Social Committee, Communications Committee.  Served on the Design Review Committee 2017.

A retired Immigration Officer, I relocated to Colorado in 2014 and moved into the Conservatory in 2015.  I started attending monthly board meetings to get to know the community and meet my neighbors.  Seeing the need for volunteers motivated me to get involved and then run for the Board of Directors.  

My focus at first was improving communications by introducing a HOA website and have since enhanced it to a platform that can handle more HOA interactions online. In 2019 I worked on updating the clubhouse great room and kitchen.  This year I am concentrating on repairs and improvements for the clubhouse bathrooms and swimming pool.

I thank you for your support, re-electing me to the Board of Directors.  I will continue to serve to the best of my abilities and in the best interest of our community.

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James Lawrence, Vice President

James Lawrence:  Vice President   Term ending November 2023

Member: Communication Committee 2020 to present.  Nominating Committee 2020.  Resident since 2019.  Currently employed as a Marketing Communications Specialist for a global financial services company.


I was encouraged by my neighbors to seek a position on the HOA Board, in order to help bring a better representation of age to the Board as well as a new perspective on communication.  The platform that I ran for the Board on was one of increasing community programs and working to ensure that community safety was a top priority.  I was selected to be the Vice-President of the HOA in December, and I look forward to learning from my peers and advocating for my neighbors.  For this upcoming term, my goals are to work to extend accessibility to the pool til the end of September, establish a Conservatory specific neighborhood watch, and to increase transparency and communication from the Board to the community.  Thank you for the honor of selecting me to serve and I look forward to being an advocate for you.  


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Bob Hunchberger, Director

Bob Hunchberger: Secretary Term ending November 2021

Director from 2018 to 2019


Member: Communication Committee.


Bought home in 2017 and moved here after retiring as an RN in July 2018. Prior to becoming an RN, I was a software engineer with over 20 years’ experience. Before that I was a fresh water biologist. As a board member I interfaced extensively with RE and SBSA during 2018 and the completion phase of the underdrain project.


As a member of this community I want to do no harm. I want to keep it looking as beautiful for the next person as it was to me when I was looking for a home. I want to contribute my objective, data driven, and fact based approach to solving problems, for the community and the HOA board. One thing I learned from nursing is there are always multiple ways to solve a problem, but there is only one best way in each situation? How do you get to the best way; experience, listening, data, analysis and objectivity.

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Bill Fisher, Treasurer

Bill Fisher:  Treasurer    Term ending November 2022

Past Conservatory Board VP & Treasurer 2015-2016, HOA President in Navarre, Ohio from 1989-1991.  Retired National HR Placement Team Manager, BSA   Moved to Colorado and The Conservatory in July 2014


We were committed to live in an HOA community and get involved to meet neighbors and contribute to our new neighborhood as we moved to The Conservatory. I volunteered in 2015 to fill a vacant board position as VP and used my knowledge in finances to guide our board in budget management, cash flow projections, and making sure we correctly used the funds of our community. As elected in November I accepted the role as Treasurer to interpret financial statements and work with RBC as they manage our community investments. I expect to be an engaged contributing board member and teammate with my fellow board members.

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Tim Siml, Secretary

Tim Siml:  Director:   Term ending November 2021

Member: Operations Committee, Board Liaison


My background started in the Chicago area in lighting, sound, video, radio and television. In 1990 I moved to Florida and started working for Disney. After 14 years, I switch to teaching technology for Osceola School District. We built  our home in the Conservatory in 2008 while living in Florida and later moved to Colorado where I started working for Cherry Creek Schools.  We immediately started attending board meetings, as this was the first time living in an HOA. From there we became actively involved in the community and the HOA.

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Harlan Baldwin, Director

Harlan Baldwin:  Director:   Term ending November 2023

Member: Design Review Committee


We purchased our home in 2008 when my wife was assigned to Buckley Air Force Base as a civilian commander. We chose Conservatory because of how well it was maintained and the many trails that surrounded it. I am a retired Air Force veteran of 26 years working and leading an avionics repair shop. I have volunteered on the Design and Review Committee for the last 5 years.


My wife, Birgit, and I have been active in the community since moving here. I am focused in keeping the community in pristine condition but still being mindful of funding. Using my AIr Force common sense approach to help solve any problems that arise. I hope that when my tenure is up, the community is in better shape for the next person.