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The 2023 Annual Meeting of The Conservatory Homeowners Association was held on
Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 6:30 pm.
Conservatory Community Center
2665 S. Jebel Way, Aurora Colorado 80013

Election Results Posted


Purpose of Meeting

The primary purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect Homeowners to serve on the Board of Directors, approve the prior year Annual Meeting Minutes and ratify the 2024 budget. The Board is comprised of volunteers who are not compensated for their services. These are individuals who play an important role in managing the common property, developing and approving budgets, enforcing the provisions of the Declaration and the Rules and Regulations of the Association and making decisions which affect the future of the Community. Although the meeting will be in person at the Conservatory Community Center voting and quorum will take place online at Please see all of the important information below.


The Annual Meeting cannot be held without a quorum. A quorum is represented by ten percent (10%) of the owners entitled to vote and for The Conservatory that number is 141 homes. If the Annual Meeting is not held due to lack of a quorum, the meeting must be rescheduled. This causes increased costs for mailing a rescheduled meeting notification to all 1,405 Homeowners, as well as delaying completion of the business of the Association. Your participation is very important due to the online method of achieving quorum and voting. NO PROXIES WILL BE USED FOR 2023.


Account Status

Homeowners who are current with their maintenance fees will be able to vote. If you are not current, please contact to bring your account current.


Election of Directors

There are two (2) Director positions subject to election this year for a three-year term.
The current Board of Directors consists of the following individuals:

  • Andrew Igl – President (Term expires 2025)

  • Helen Hardin – Secretary (Term expires 2025)

  • Charlie Fiser – Treasurer (Term expires 2024)

  • *Barbara Gaetos – Director (Term expires 2023)

  • *Bill Wrubleski – Director (Term expires 2023)
    *Represents terms expiring



Annual Meeting Agenda

Online Voting Instructions

Annual Meeting Newsletter

2023 Board Candidates

2024 Budget

Pool Survey


If you have any questions regarding the Annual Meeting, please contact Silvia Gregory at 303-369- 1800 ext. 120 or by email to

Conservatory 2023 Annual Meeting
Live Stream Event
Wednesday, December 6th at 6:30 PM

Your Conservatory Board of Directors invites you to participate in our Annual Meeting. Two new changes this year are meeting at the clubhouse and Live Streaming the event.

You will need to have a Westwind online account with a registered
mail address on your profile to receive the Vote HOA Now Online
ballot and watch on the Live Stream. If you do not have an email on
file with Westwind or would like to change or add an email to your
record, contact before
November 28th. Two Important dates to check your email.
November 16th for online voting instructions and December 4th
for the meeting Live Stream Password release.

The Live Stream Password will be emailed to you on December 4th. Below is a sample of what the link will look like at Enter the password that is emailed to you to view the meeting. Use the Chat feature to ask questions during the meeting. Or you may submit them in advance to

The 2023 Conservatory Annual Meeting

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