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You Asked, We Answered

HOA Trash and Recycling Removal

It has come to our attention that many residents are receiving trash removal mailings from Waste Management. The HOA has a contract with Waste Connections to provide trash and recycling services to residents at a cost of $12.90 per resident in 2022 with small percentage increases imposed throughout the contract period.

Residents should NOT be using any service outside of what the HOA provides as the trash and recycle fee is part of the monthly assessment you currently pay. Should you have additional questions, please send those to

Why don’t I receive Newsletters and Eblasts?


Newsletters and email blasts are sent to homeowners who have established an electronic account with Westwind Management on the Client Connect Owner Portal.

Add or edit your user profile: The messages go to the email address given at the time the account was set up, so ask others in your home if they receive these updates.  You can update the email address on file or add an additional email in your user profile.  Please ensure there is at least one email on file in order to continue to utilize the Client Connect Portal. To enter multiple email addresses, please separate them by a semicolon, e.g.,;

Electronic Notifications may be opted out of by deselecting the type of notice you no longer wish to receive.

Client Connect Portal Help:  For assistance accessing the portal or updating your information, please contact Brook at

Why does the Conservatory HOA have a community volunteer Code of Conduct?


It is common for us to receive questions from residents and volunteers about certain governance matters.  Often, our response is another question – “what does our policy say?”  Too often, the response to that question is “we don’t have a policy” or “it doesn’t address that.”  


To remedy that we expanded our existing code of conduct/social media policy to include all volunteers.  It provides volunteers with a set of principles, guidelines, and expectations for appropriate conduct and behavior. 


It is also a protection for the volunteers and the association as policies, procedures, and guidelines are developed with consultation from legal, finance, and risk management experts. Most volunteer organizations and 85% of US companies require volunteers and employees to acknowledge and sign a code of conduct.  


How often does the HOA inspect my property?


With the implementation of HB22-1137, inspections are being done only once per month as residents now have 31-37 days to cure (remedy) the violation after receiving the first three violation letters. The law also requires that letters be sent solely by certified mail, each at the cost of roughly $8.00 per letter. If an owner has an email address on file with us, they will also receive a notification electronically.


You can help save the HOA money and ensure that assessments aren’t increased anymore than is necessary by doing the following:


  • Bring your trash can in after 7 pm on Mondays to an area where it cannot be seen from the street.

  • Don’t cover your vehicles as this is not allowed per the rules and regulations (you can retrieve these at or via your Westwind owner portal).

  • Become familiar with the rules and regulations to ensure you are in compliance and not in a position to receive a violation letter.


Why do we now have to pay a deposit to rent the clubhouse? 


HB22-1137 no longer allows fining of owners except within the parameters of a covenant violation. Therefore, to ensure that the HOA and clubhouse are protected, we have had to revert back to the use of a deposit of $200.00.  All payments are due to rent the facility along with the completed application.  All payments will be deposited into the HOA’s bank and the deposits refunded approximately 30 days after your event, granted that no damage has occurred, clean up was sufficient, and no alcohol was present for an event that did not have a host liquor license purchased. The latter is an automatic forfeiture of the deposit due to insurance requirements. 


Does our HOA have a Facebook Page?

The Conservatory Homeowners Association (HOA) DOES NOT HAVE a Facebook Page.  The Neighbors of the Conservatory page does not represent the HOA. The HOA Board will not respond to questions about the community on that platform or on Nextdoor.  Please use the Contact Us form on the website to reach the Board or Manager.

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