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Waste Connections Recycling Cart

Trash + Recycling



Please visit the Waste Connection website at:  for any holiday delays or routing changes. Click here to see your pickup schedule by entering your address.  Also visit the Waste Connection website for recycle information such as a recycle calendar, recycle guidelines, interesting facts and their refer-a-friend program.


Cart and service guidelines:

  • Container must be curbside by 7 am on service day (Please do not block the sidewalk.)

  • Please note the drivers can be out until it gets dark

  • Please leave at least 2 feet between containers


Do not park personal vehicles within 10 feet of containers on service day.


Handles should be placed towards your house - Do not drill into, bolt or fasten anything to the cart


Call Customer Service to schedule large item pick ups i.e. furniture, carpet etc. (there is an additional cost for anything outside the containers.) Waste Connection will need at least 48 hours notice from your scheduled pick up day to place a work order.


Trash should not be higher than the lid of the container or be placed on top of the lid.

Leaves and yard/grass clippings should be bagged and tied.


If you need an extra trash container, you can pay an extra $4.00 per month to have an extra 96 gallon container for trash or recycling for $4.00 per month. If replacement containers are needed, they can be ordered for $50.00 to you with an additional $25.00 delivery fee.  Replacement containers are free if damaged by Waste Connections.


Bulk items are $15.00 each and must be prepaid. You can schedule a pick up calling customer service at 303-288-2100.


Christmas trees are to be removed up to 3 weeks after the Holiday.  All trees must be cut into 4 foot sections.


Waste Connections will service carts purchased from other stores such as hardware stores. However, Waste Connections is not liable if they break, because they are less durable than the Waste Connections containers.

Recycle Stickers can be requested through customer service or via the HOA. The containers will need to be labeled in order for the drivers to distinguish that the container is not trash. 


Trash should be bagged and tied - Do not pack materials tightly into cart


Do not place the following items in the cart:

  • Hazardous or prohibited waste or materials such as motor oil, tires, batteries, herbicides, pesticides or acids.

  • Dead animals, dirt, sod, brick, concrete or rock, hot ashes, coals or flammable materials such as solvents, oil, gas or liquid paint.


The normal charge for weekly pick up of your trash is included in your HOA dues.  However, any additional items such as extra carts, large item pickups, etc. are your responsibility.  To enroll in Waste Connections' online bill pay please go to 

Just a quick reminder about the roll-off services Waste Connections provide; roll-off dumpsters are great for clean-up jobs, spring cleaning, large item removal, etc.  If you are interested in renting a dumpster, call Customer Service at (303) 288-2100. The charge for the roll-off dumpster rental would you your responsibility to pay.  

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