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Paint Schemes

The Conservatory HOA's Design Review process is conducted by an all-volunteer Design Review Committee (DRC). It ensures that all requests comply with the applicable HOA covenants. It is NOT part of the City of Aurora Permitting process, which in some cases, also applies, and must be done by the homeowner with the City of Aurora Building Division.



  • Plan your project. This planning should include a review of the applicable HOA covenants and Design Review Guidelines to determine if a Design Review Form needs to be completed and submitted. In general, anything you do to the exterior of your property, including painting or landscaping, needs to go through the Design Review Committee for approval before you start your project.

  • If your landscaping project involves Water-wise (xeriscaping), read the Water-wise Guidelines developed by the HOA. The City of Aurora can also help you plan your water-wise garden. 

  • If you are building something, like a deck or fencing or raised garden beds, prepare drawings of your project, to scale if possible. If you are using a contractor, they should do this with and for you. If you need a lot plat, and did not get one when you closed on the purchase of your home, you can usually get that online from the Arapahoe County Assessor's website.

  • If your project requires a City of Aurora Building Permit, the City Building Division is very good about providing a free plan review, which is strongly advised before submitting your plans to the DRC. In addition, the DRC will most likely require a copy of your building permit submitted with your Design Review Request Form, if your project requires a permit from the city.

  • If you are repainting your home, get paint sample cards from your painting contractor, or from your paint supplier if you are doing the painting yourself. Mark the colors you plan to use on the paint card and identify what part(s) of the home will be painted with that color.

  • HOA-approved paint colors are viewable electronically and in a color scheme paint book available to view during Westwind clubhouse office hours. You can also go to the Sherwin-Williams website that shows all the color schemes by clicking here.

  • Complete the Design Review Request Form or the online Design Review Form and submit it, with all necessary supporting plans and documentation per instructions on the form.

  • When your project is approved, and not before, initiate and complete your project according to your submitted plans.

  • If your project requires City Permit Inspections, have those completed as required. The City Building Division will advise you about required inspections when your permit is issued.


  • When your project is completed, you need to advise the Design Review Committee by returning the Design Review Request Document of Completion form or completing the online Design Request Document of Completion.  A member of the Design Review Committee may visit your property to confirm that your project was done according to plan. They may also require you to provide a copy of the City Permit Inspection sign-off sheet, if a permit is required.

Be advised that if you do not follow this process, it is possible, even likely that you could be fined, and/or required to redo something, if it does not comply with the HOA covenants. In the case of non-approved painting projects, you could be required to repaint everything, which could be very expensive!


Projects that require a City of Aurora building permit, and are done without one, may be reported to the City Building Division for applicable corrective action, which could include demolition and removal of non-compliant structures.


Links to helpful resources and forms:

Design Review Request Form
Design Review Completion Form
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