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Standing Committees

Design Review 

Duane Oudenhoven, Co-Chairman 

Joy DeMots, Co-Chairwoman 

Board Liaison TBA



Social Committee

Chiree Guttormsen, Co-Chairman

Brittany Horne, Co-Chairman

Chrystal Axford  Secretary

Barb Gaetos, Treasurer

Ola Kukoyi, Diversity Sub-Committee

Joanna Bennett, Welcome Sub-Committee

Tom Aguilar-Downing, Block Party Sub-Committee

Charlie Fiser, Board Liaison



Tim Siml, Chairman

Steve and Rhonda Mann, Flag Attendant and Flower Caretaker

Helen Hardin, Board Liaison



Helen Hardin, Editor

Sharon Fisher

Raenae Wann

Christopher Horne, Board Liaison



Cylinda Mobley, Property Mgr

Raenae Wann

Helen Hardin, Board Liaison

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