Standing Committees

Design Review 

Duane Oudenhoven, Co-Chairman 

Joy DeMots, Co-Chairwoman 

James Lawrence, Board Liaison         

Social Committee

Chiree Guttormsen, Co-Chairman

Brittany Horne, Co-Chairman

Sharon Fisher, Secretary

Ola Kukoyi, Diversity Sub-Committee

Joanna Bennett, Welcome Sub-Committee

Tom Aguilar-Downing, Block Party Sub-Committee

Helen Hardin, Board Liaison


Tim Siml, Chairman

Steve and Rhonda Mann, Flag Attendant and Flower Caretaker

Max Strain, Board Liaison

Communication/ Website

Helen Hardin, Editor

Sharon Fisher

Raenae Wann

Christopher Horne, Board Liaison



Cylinda Walker, Property Mgr

Raenae Wann

Helen Hardin, Board Liaison