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January Meeting Highlights

The Board voted to:

·Approve the new Co-Chairmen of the Social Committee. Chiree Guttormsen and Brittainy Horne.

·Approve the Design Review Committee report and roster for 2022.

·Table the discussion on Re-Opening the clubhouse to rentals until all facility inspections are passed.

·Order Pool furniture to replace broken umbrellas and increase the number of tables by four and increase the number of chairs to four per table.

General Topics of Discussion:

·Board goals set for 2022. Click Here

·Reserve Studies for both General and Underdrain Reserves are being updated.

·Pond 6 Trail Safety proposal submitted to City of Aurora.

·Board members Helen Hardin, Bill Fisher and Chris Horne have completed the CAI Board Leadership Training Course.

·The Operations Committee scheduled a walk-through assessment of the clubhouse.

·Guest Peter Fellanz, of Alpine Project Services gave us a summary of their services.

Clubhouse renovations experience delays due to supply chain issues.

·The plumbing/electrical inspections are scheduled. Issues persist with two existing doors. We are pricing repairs and/or replacements. The exterior door from restrooms to the pool deck was replaced during the bathroom renovation.

·The surveillance system is up and running. Two more cameras are expected. The manager and board/committee members will be trained soon.

The community manager will be sending out instructions to homeowners about updating their email information in the Westwind VMS Portal for the transition from key cards only to pool gate access by cell phone. Each cell phone you wish to use for gate access must be registered with a unique email address.

We are all looking forward to graduations and summer fun. Your volunteers are actively planning and preparing so that you will have the best experience possible. We hope to be able to return to a more normal operation.

Please start planning any exterior improvements early and submit your requests through the Design Review Committee as soon as possible.

Comments and questions are always welcome through our website ‘Contact Us’ tab.

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