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Conservatory News

Improved Community/Management Company Communication

In order to best serve your community, Westwind is now providing a single point of contact directly to your Community Administrator (formerly Administrative Assistant). Please direct all email communications to In addition, your community has a dedicated phone number of 720-668-9463, which also provides direct access to your Community Administrator. This updated contact information allows for a streamlined experience and reduces the possibility of outdated or incorrectly routed calls and emails.  

Remember, the Client Connect Portal is a great association resource tool with many web forms available to you for contacting the association. Log in by visiting


Or, if you need to call or email your team regarding community & accounting needs, please contact, or 720-668-9463.


Design Review Applications

We are receiving a large number of applications that are incomplete which causes a delay for your project. The committee has 30 days to review a COMPLETE application once received. How can you ensure that your application is complete? Follow these steps:

1. Have you reviewed the Design Review Guidelines at to know what is and isn't allowed?

2. Does your application include drawings of the property and pictures of what you are wanting to complete? Does it include the estimate of the work so the committee can review the detailed plan?

3. For house painting, did you allocate which paint color goes on the body, the trim, the garage door (which MUST be the same color as the body or trim NOT an accent color), and where the accent color is being painted?

4. Vendors CANNOT submit an application on your behalf. Please do NOT allow the solar companies (or paint companies or concrete companies) to do this as these are being sent back to the companies telling them that we will not accept them. Why? Because there are legal ramifications to design review requests and if the company goofs on your behalf, YOU are held responsible.

5. If you haven't received an automated email within two weeks of the submittal of your application stating the application is pending, PLEASE reach out to our office as we may not have received it.

6. Please ensure that you are using the correct form located at Your application will be sent back if not on the correct form.

New Westwind Resident Portal (VMS)


Westwind Management has launched a new resident portal.   Click here for a link. This is where you can view your account and all official association documents.  The links below will take you to a video and training presentation. If you have any difficulties contact the Community Manager or Westwind. 

Data security is of the utmost importance to Westwind and they strive to protect all aspects of the data which you have entrusted to them.

As such, their systems are maintained in a secure location accessible only by authorized Westwind employees, all communications to the Client Connect Portal are encrypted utilizing transport layer security (TLS) and all off-site backups of the data are AES-265 encrypted. In addition, we conduct annual security audits and will continue to implement recommendations provided to us through those audits.

Client Connect Portal Video

Client Connect Portal Guide

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