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In Person Annual Meeting – Online Voting!

November 11, 2021, Frontier K-8

Annual Meeting and Candidate Information


Mark your calendar!  The association’s annual meeting continues to be planned as an in person gathering.  If local authorities make significant changes, we are prepared to go virtual if necessary.  You will receive your annual meeting online voting instructions, board candidate information, the 2022 budget and other information via US Mail beginning the last week of October.

October Board Meeting Highlights

Underdrain Maintenance Work Begins

A few years ago, the HOA won a construction defect lawsuit against DR Horton for repairs to the underdrain system they installed in the community. Although the project ended in late summer of 2019, the HOA is required to perform maintenance to the underdrain system into perpetuity.

The maintenance work required for 2021 will begin next week for Networks 1, 2, and the lower part of 3 as indicated below the red line on the attached map. Please be conscientious and courteous to workers who may be on your street to perform the work. They will be scoping and jetting the underdrain system and there will be areas where larger trucks will be onsite for a period of time and other areas that may be coned off. The project is expected to take about a month to complete.

The needed work at S. Jericho Way and Girard Dr. will begin the week of October 25th. There is an occlusion in the underdrain line and the road will be opened up for the contractor to assess and repair where needed. Although S. Jericho Way will remain open, please remember to slow down in this area where workers will be present.

Residents who live in that section of the community will not be able to make a left turn off of Girard Dr. onto S. Jericho Way and will need to utilize Hamilton for access to Hampden. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this project.

Updated Rules Posted

The Association updated portions of the Rules and Regulations concerning signage to comply with current Colorado law and clarified the definition of a covered vehicle.

The Design Review Guidelines have been updated.

Flag and Sign Policies Changed

Recent Colorado Legislation mandates changes

At the end of this legislative session two bills, HB21-1229 and HB21-1310 passed regulating what HOA’s can allow in their communities in reference to flags, signs, and artificial turf. Our official updated policy will be published in September and will allow only one small (24 x 18) non-commercial sign in a front yard at any time, one 3 x 5 flag and one garden flag.  Artificial turf cannot be prohibited in back and side yards

but still requires approval by the Design Review Committee.

Mailbox Issues

We have heard from several you about recent break-ins to the mailboxes and inaccurate information relayed to you from the post office. Neither the HOA nor the Metro District are responsible for the boxes themselves. These are not addressed in the Metro District Service Plan and are also not addressed in the HOA governing documents.


Owners may purchase their own locks and replace them or they can wait for the post office to repair them at a higher cost once reported to them.

If you are new to Conservatory and the seller of the home you  purchased did not leave the post office keys or didn’t provide the location of your box, you will need to contact the post office for that as well.

From the Metro District:

While the mailbox kiosks (the wooden structures over the mailbox clusters) are owned and maintained by the Conservatory Metropolitan District (“the District”), the mailbox clusters are owned by the United

States Postal Service. The District does not have keys to the individual boxes nor the ability to repair or replace broken locks or lost or stolen keys. All issues or concerns related to the individual mailboxes should be addressed with the Aurora Post office, 16890 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora 80017 Phone number (303) 227-5426. For vandalism, they list the number to call as 877-876-2455.

Traffic Circles Planned on Conservatory Parkway

As part of the traffic calming project, the city is planning to install traffic circles at two intersections on Conservatory Parkway.  See letter from City.


New Westwind Resident Portal (VMS)  


Westwind Management has launched a new resident portal.   Click here for a link. This is where you can view your account and all official association documents.  The links below will take you to a video and training presentation. If you have any difficulties contact the Community Manager or Westwind. 

Data security is of the utmost importance to Westwind and they strive to protect all aspects of the data which you have entrusted to them.

As such, their systems are maintained in a secure location accessible only by authorized Westwind employees, all communications to the Client Connect Portal are encrypted utilizing transport layer security (TLS) and all off-site backups of the data are AES-265 encrypted. In addition, we conduct annual security audits and will continue to implement recommendations provided to us through those audits.

Client Connect Portal Video

Client Connect Portal Guide