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2021 Annual Meeting Highlights

Annual Meeting Highlights

We Set Goals for 2021 and achieved them.

Looking forward, being proactive and planning for our community

1. Enhanced communication to the community

2. Maintained and upgraded our property

3. Updated all policies, charters, and rules

4. Maintained our strong financial position

PowerPoint Presentations

Treasurer, Bill Fisher, presented a comprehensive financial report. You can view his slides and handouts on our website. I also updated the community on the ongoing underdrain maintenance work and the progress on the clubhouse renovation.

Tim Siml Thanked – Max Strain Elected

Presented with a plaque for his service

The association expressed their appreciation for Tim’s three years of service on the board. Tim said he wants to remain active as a volunteer and continue helping keep our pool at its best.

Max Strain was elected to fill his position. 300 votes were cast through our online platform.

Committee’s Thanked for their Commitment

Fun Facts

All our committees were acknowledged for their work. Did you know that there were 6531 visits to our website this year to date? The Design Review Committee reviewed 266 applications for exterior improvements! Or that the Operations Committee raised and lowered the flag to half-staff (41) forty-one times this year at sunrise and sun set! The Social Committee didn’t let COVID stop them! They started new events this year, First Fridays and Food Trucks and a Diversity Group.

Also recognized were short term groups, Nominations Committee, Budget Committee and Special Project groups that worked hard this year.

City of Aurora Roundabout Presentation

Residents expressed pros and cons about the project

Carl Harline, Principal Engineer and Carlie Campuzano, Traffic Manager, Public Works from the city of Aurora presented information about the proposed installation of roundabouts on Conservatory Parkway. There was concern about whether these would help or hinder, their design and other alternatives. Terri McCauley wanted to know how many resident signatures on a petition could stop the project. There was a lively discussion.

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