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Updated: Apr 11

Let’s talk snow!

If we have learned anything from our recent record-breaking snowstorm it is that our community is served by many different governmental agencies and organizations. First, know that we have two types of streets, major thoroughfares (Conservatory Parkway and S Jericho Way) and residential streets.

· Major thoroughfares are plowed and maintained by the City of Aurora.

· Residential streets are not plowed but are maintained by the City of Aurora as well.

· Sidewalks on residential streets are the responsibility of residents to clear.

· Sidewalks along the major thoroughfares are plowed and maintained by the Metro District. See the map of responsibilities on their website for details.

· Sidewalks around the Community Center and Pool are cleared and maintained by the HOA.

· Mail kiosk areas are shoveled by the Metro District. They also own and maintain the wood kiosks that cover the mail receptacles, which are owned by the US Post Office.

Seems confusing, right! Your HOA, along with the other agencies, work together and communicate with each other and welcome your questions. The HOA receives most of the inquiries because we are the most visible and known to the residents. We do attempt to respond to all the questions, even if it is only to educate and help you find the agency that can address your concern.

Helen Hardin, Conservatory HOA President

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