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August Board Highlights

August HOA Board Meeting Highlights

Clubhouse Maintenance

Handicap accessibility and Clubhouse Upgrades approved

Special guests at the meeting Rebecca McDermott of McDermott Assoc (Architect and Designer) along with Greg Clifford of Clifford Builders made presentations on the Clubhouse ADA, Health & Safety Modifications. The board voted to accept their bid of $98,611 to accomplish the work this fall. The board also voted to accept a $14,000 bid from Steel Design LLC to repair and paint the pool fencing.

Clubhouse Handicap, Health & Safety Modifications

  • ADA Doors with automatic electric openers so handicapped, wheelchair users can enter our clubhouse.

  • Replace exterior door to pool and increase width to code.

  • Add a non-Skid floor in both bathrooms and tile walls per code.

  • Fix the rinse showers in each bathroom and construct each to be ADA compliant.

  • Add grab bars and ADA compliant shower fixtures. Required repositioning of AED Equipment.

  • Necessary painting of bathroom, hall, lifeguard room and woodwork after modifications.

  • New counters in each bathroom and mirrors to be ADA height compliant.

  • Safer and more efficient LED lights in each bathroom.

  • Retrofitting to auto flush toilets, new sinks, faucets, soap dispensers and paper towel/waste containers.

  • Add baby changing stations in each bathroom.

  • Demolition needed at the start of project to complete entire project properly.

  • Millwork, plumbing, and electrical to do all the above as with any major construction project.

Flag and Sign Policies Changed

Recent Colorado Legislation mandates changes

At the end of this legislative session two bills, HB21-1229 and HB21-1310 passed regulating what HOA’s can allow in their communities in reference to flags, signs, and artificial turf. Our official updated policy will be published in September and will allow only one small (24 x 18) non-commercial sign in a front yard at any time, one 3 x 5 flag and one garden flag. Artificial turf cannot be prohibited in back and side yards but still requires approval by the Design Review Committee.

Committee Activity

The Nominating committee recommended that the association change to a five-member board of directors and that measure was adopted at the August Board Meeting.

The Social Committee will be publishing a guide on block parties and will hold another First Friday Event. We also have Welcome and Diversity sub-committees.

The Budget Committee will present the 2022 budget at the September 9th Board Meeting.

Design Review Guidelines are being updated and the committee continues to prepare for a transition to a new online application process to be announced this fall.

Ever wonder who cares for the flowerpots at the clubhouse and responds to all the announcements concerning our flag? Rhonda and Steve Mann, members of the Operations Committee faithfully make everything look great!

A big shout out to all our volunteers! Join a committee! Submit a volunteer form today!

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