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September Board Meeting Highlights

The meeting’s main topics included Annual Meeting preparations, project updates, landscaping and the 2023 budget.

Mark your calendars! This year we will again hold a drawing for those in attendance at the annual meeting on November 10th. Prizes will include two (2) assessment vouchers for 6 months each! The slate of candidates running for the three open board positions has been finalized and their information will be posted to our website later this month.

A bid for the annual meeting mailing from Post Net was reviewed and accepted. We looked for and found substantial savings from a neighborhood business. A bid for pruning nine large cottonwood trees, removing branches that hang over nearby homeowner’s fences and injecting a liquid nutrient into 15 trees that appear to be unhealthy around the clubhouse was approved. We have received our permit to modify the corner monument sign. Work is scheduled for November.

Underdrain maintenance will begin the week of September 19th. Please cooperate by moving any vehicles that may be parked over the underdrain covers when asked by the contractor. An email blast well be sent that week with a more detailed map of the work zone and a picture of what the underdrain covers look like. To keep costs down the whole area will first be scoped, and then additional equipment will be brought in to address any areas that need jetting and cleaning.

Our budget committee (4 residents, 4 board members and our community manager) presented their recommended 2023 budget. The committee met three times, reviewed all our income and expenses, contracts and historical data. After three years of no assessment increases, inflation pressure, fuel costs and the burden of new legislative requirements have significantly increased our costs. The committee proposed a monthly assessment of $45 and the board voted unanimously to accept their recommended budget. It will be available to view in the annual meeting mailing and on our website in mid-October.

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