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As we are approaching the time to hold the HOA Annual Meeting, the Conservatory HOA would like to extend an invitation for anyone interested in running for the board to submit a Nomination Form to the HOA Nominating Committee.  This year, there will be 3 positions open for the board.  Anyone in good standing with the HOA is eligible to submit their name for the election. 

You can submit your Nomination form in one of 2 ways.​​

  • You can print the Nomination Form (click here to view the form), complete it, and turn it in to
    The Conservatory HOA, c/o Westwind Management 27 Inverness Drive East Englewood, CO 80112. Forms may also be returned via fax to 720.509.6049 or via email to conservatory@westwindmanagement.

  • You can fill out an online Nomination Form (click here to go to the online Nomination form). Using this method, you are able to upload a picture and a bio paragraph to be included in the information sent out to the community prior to the Annual Meeting.​

No matter the method you use to submit your Nomination Form, the deadline to submit your form is 

We are also asking that you provide a short paragraph about yourself to be used for publication prior to the election. Due to Covid-19 restriction, the Annual Meeting will be held virtually this year.  Because of this restriction, we are asking all nominees to submit a 60 second video of themselves telling the residents why you would like to be on the board and why you feel you would be a good board member.  If you need assistance recording this video or uploading any of the files, you can let our manager, Jordan Devine, know and she will make arrangements with the Communications Committee to assist you.

Just to recap, the following is what you need to do to run for the HOA Board of Directors:

  1. Complete a Nomination Form, either online or hard copy. (Mandatory)

  2. Provide a short bio about yourself. (Optional)

  3. Provide a social media sized photo. (Optional)

  4. Provide a 60 second video. (Optional)

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