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May Board Meeting Highlights

Policies, covenants and rules were addressed in several ways. The Board of Directors signed the updated Code of Conduct/Social Media Policy, discussed what effect the recent Colorado legislation HB-22 1137 and HB-22 1139 will have on HOA’s and approved new rule revisions for Seasonal Lighting and Decor.

If both bills are signed by the Governor, our attorney will assist us in making any changes necessary to our procedures and policies. Neither of these bills are favorable to HOA’s and will put extra burdens on our management and limit what we can enforce. The rule revisions will be published on our website and then incorporated into our rules and regulations after 30 days.

The Board of Directors reviewed the report from Alpine Project Services about the cost and feasibility of installing an Electronic Message Board in our Monument. Sixteen sign companies were given the opportunity to bid on the RFP. The Committee met with four companies and received four preliminary bids. We responded with an additional list of questions. Final bids will be presented at the June meeting.

Two formerly volunteer services now have to be supplied by outside vendors because residents are not coming forward. Inspecting/cleaning the clubhouse after rentals and the routine website updating and maintenance. Unfortunately, we anticipate this trend growing. These additional costs will need to be evaluated when we budget for next year. If you have financial skills and are interested in serving on our budget committee, please contact our Treasurer, Bill Fisher at

The Social Committee has a great summer planned for everyone beginning with the Pool Opening Party on May 28th. They could use your help too! Contact to volunteer. Board members will host an information table. See you at the pool!

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