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June Board Meeting Highlights

Thank You Social Committee for the great pool opening party! They also sponsored the large trash disposal event and a Food Truck Night in June!

There are still opportunities to volunteer on short term committees. Budget, Nominating, Social and the Clubhouse A/V project are looking for help this summer. Use the Volunteer Form on our website!

The Board of Directors voted to approve the installation of an Electronic Message Board to be incorporated into the stone monument on the corner of S Jebel Way and Conservatory Parkway. The permitting process has begun, and we hope to have the new signage installed by the fall.

Several pieces of legislation passed by the 2022 Colorado Legislature will have an impact on Homeowner Association operations beginning later this summer. This will increase our costs and limit some of our community oversight. Areas of change include new notification requirements and city street covenant enforcement limits. We are actively revising policies and rules that will be published later this summer.

Thank you for your patience as we implement our new pool access system. If your key card does not work or you wish to use the cell phone access app, please reach out to our Community Manager via email or stop by the clubhouse on Thursday afternoon. Our lifeguards have been spot checking pool access and residency. Please assist them when asked and do not open the gate for others.

Enjoy summer!

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