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July Board Meeting Highlights

We started the meeting out with a guest, Jenn Thomas, our contact person at Front Range Recreation, our pool vendor. This summer we have had three reported incidents at the pool. One relating to non-resident use of the pool, one of damage to pool equipment by a resident’s guest and one with young swimmers not obeying the rules and the directions of the lifeguards.

We are at zero tolerance for any behavior that disregards the direction of the lifeguards or unauthorized use of our pool. If you have not yet addressed access issues with your key card or phone app with the manager, you will not be allowed entrance.

Every resident should be aware and help us prevent unauthorized access. Do not open the gate for others or allow them to follow you through the gate as you enter or exit. Parents are responsible for their children and all residents for their guests. Please sign in at the table.

A timeline for preparation for the November 10th Annual Meeting has been set and the nominating and budget committees have been formed. We will use Vote HOA Now again for voting and quorum for the annual meeting.

Our legal counsel and the board discussed the new Compliance and Collection policies and procedures to be implemented because of recent law changes. These go into effect August 10. As soon as they are available, they will be announced and published for your review.

It has been a challenging year for landscaping. Early heat, then freeze, grass fungus, weeds and hot dry weather have all contributed. Why do weeds grow better than grass? Please do not ignore any courtesy notices you may have received about your landscaping. Our community is known for its well-maintained homes and yards. We all have a part to play in keeping our community beautiful.

The Design Review Committee is the group that maintains our standards and reviews all exterior home and landscaping changes before they are done. We have tried to make the process simple, and the applications are available online on our website. Interested in joining that group? They meet twice monthly in the evenings. A volunteer form on the website can start you on your way to making a difference in your community.

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