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Community Gatherings: Civility and Safety

Unruly airline passengers, disorderly customers, angry homeowners—there have been plenty of disheartening stories of people acting out in public, and regretfully, our community is no exception.

Objectionable behavior was recently exhibited at the March Board of Directors Meeting. This is simply unacceptable, and as a result, we are considering virtual meetings, enforcing tighter adherence to official rules of order, and utilizing professional security.

The meetings’ primary purpose is for board discussion and decisions. Board members receive extensive information on each agenda topic to study in advance to accomplish the association’s business in a reasonable timeframe. Homeowners are allowed to observe with limited participation in accordance with our governing documents.

Homeowners are welcome if they come to be constructive and respectful of the volunteer board and the process. Realize that when an item reaches the board agenda it is generally ready for action and processing, it is not the beginning of the discussion.

Be informed, and be involved! Detailed planning, projections, and discussions are best done in a committee setting. If your interest is our clubhouse building or pool, we encourage you to become involved with the Operations Committee. If you’re interested in how the association plans and manages its finances, help out by joining the Budget Committee. Want to be more involved with how official information is distributed throughout our community? The Communications Committee is for you!

All community gatherings and meetings should be driven by civility and respect, even in light of differences of opinion. Homeowners should never engage in personal attacks on Board members, other residents, our management company representatives, or any other advisors. Board members must also abide by the code of conduct they have signed. We can all do better, it’s up to each individual to make it reality.

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