NOVEMBER 6 FROM 8:30 AM TO 10:30 PM (or until dumpsters are full)


Raking Grass

The Conservatory HOA is hosting a Fall Cleanup to aid with the disposal of your fall yard waste and large item disposal on Saturday, November 6 at Frontier school parking lot.  The event will start at 8:30 AM and last until 10:30 AM or until the dumpsters are full.  

This year, the candidates running for the board have been asked to be at the event so you can meet them and share your concerns.   Click here to see the 2021 candidates.

Mattress Recycling - This year the HOA has made arrangements with Spring Back Colorado Mattress to have a truck at the event to take your old mattresses to be recycled.  Normally, they charge $30 per item when you drop them off at their location in Commerce City.  However, because they are coming to our event, the charge to you will only be $20 per item.  Spring Back Colorado Mattress is a local company offering a place to fully recycle post-consumer mattresses and box springs. By using their services, you also support redemptive employment opportunities for people in our community. Click here to see their story.

Due to dumping restrictions, the following items cannot be accepted:


  • Electronics (anything with a plug)    

  • Tires/auto parts/oil/gas (including lawn mowers)

  • Wet paint        

  • Medical waste   

  • Anything with Freon or Gas/refrigerators/ freezers       

  • Florescent light bulbs    

  • Hazardous Waste              

  • Batteries          

  • Propane tanks

Since this is a neighborhood event, proof of residency will be strictly enforced!  Therefore, you will need to bring a current driver’s license with current Conservatory address, a water bill or rent receipt showing your name and address.

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