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March Meeting Highlights

The special guests at our March board meeting were Jennifer Thomas and Eli Schlagel from Front Range Recreation, our swimming pool vendor. We discussed the 2021 Pool Report and the 2022-2023 Pool Contract. The 2021 recommended pool repairs (wader pool heater and auto chemical system) have been purchased and installed. A proposal for an end of season extension of the pool season was discussed. The board voted not to extend the pool season beyond Labor Day.

Social events scheduled to be held at the pool were discussed. The committee is considering a Pool Opening Party, a Float & Flick (outdoor movie at the pool), and a Pooch Plunge this coming summer.

Staffing for unscheduled parties was discussed. Residents will be reminded of the requirement to request permission for all pool parties through Front Range Recreation even if all of the guests attending reside in the Conservatory.

Water Aerobics will be held again this summer at the pool. The schedule will change to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8:45 AM to 10:00AM.

  • The Code of Conduct/Social Media Policy was discussed and approved.

  • The Request for Proposal for the Electronic Monument Sign was reviewed and approved to go out to bids.

  • The board voted to have SBSA revise the Underdrain Reserve Study.

  • All committee and the the manager's report were reviewed.

  • The attorney will draft a clarification about holiday lighting for our consideration.

  • Bill Fisher will begin recruiting for the nominating committee.

  • A request from Birgit Baldwin that the HOA host a Meet the Candidate evening for the Metro District at the clubhouse was discussed. The board will offer the rental of the facility to the Metro at no charge.

Thank you to the Operations and Social Committee members who cleaned and reorganized the storage rooms at the clubhouse to get it ready for rentals and more regular social events. Welcome back everyone!

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Unknown member
Mar 14, 2022

that is extremely unfortunate that you are not extending out our pool days. with Colorado winter starting later and later in the year this makes no sense. i wish we could vote on some things as a community instead of a handful of people.

I wonder if offering out the facility for free is part of the reason we end up over budget?

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