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Community History
Conservatory at the Plains has a rich historical culture of the Cheyenne tribe in the early 1800's. The tipi holding replicas proudly represents this occupation, backed up with archaeological studies. Following the Cheyenne, the area was occupied by pioneer settlers.  The “soddies” are replicas of pioneer housing that used sod as a building material. Much like adobe, they are cooler into summer and warmer in the winter, benefiting from the natural insulating qualities of the lifestyle of the plains. Whether the lodging was tipis or soddies, farming with animals such as cattle, horses, and buffalo was a daily practice and routine for Native Americans and Pioneers. For more information, please visit Plains Conservation Center.


- Courtesy of Aurora History Museum (2018)

Our Community Center is for community business meetings, social functions and is available for residents to rent for personal functions. Plan your next event!


The Conservatory at the Plains

The Conservatory at the Plains community is a well maintained, peaceful sanctuary where families can walk trails with their dogs, enjoy the prairie and belong to a unique community.  Located on the eastern edge of Aurora, Colorado adjacent to the Plains Conservation Center, a dedicated open space stretching across 1,100 acres. The purpose of the Conservatory Home Owners Association is to protect and enhance the quality, value, aesthetics, desirability and attractiveness of the community.  

The Conservatory at the Plains – your home on the prairie.