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The information posted to Nextdoor, is not intended to inform or contribute to our community. These comments have served as a source of misinformation and have led to an unnecessary heightening of tensions.

The Conservatory HOA has been saving and planning for a remodel and upgrade of the Community Center Bathrooms for two years. The money was earmarked in our reserves and is in the bank. There will be NO additional fees charged to homeowners for this maintenance project.

The comment about the security system is not accurate. No vote was taken. We do have security concerns and have had many incidents.  These are not broadcast as they are police matters.  We have requested demonstrations for various products so that we can best assess how to protect your Clubhouse, the biggest asset owned by the association. Again, we have not voted to spend any money on this yet or chosen a vendor.

Social media unfortunately at times does lead to misinformation and comments that are not factual and made with the wrong intentions. There has been a concerted effort made by this Board to push forward more information and communicate more frequently with the community.

As always, the best way to get 100% factual information is to attend Board and Committee meetings, or to read the meeting minutes on the HOA website.

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Our Community Center is for community business meetings, social functions and is available for residents to rent for personal functions. Plan your next event!

  Our Community Manager 

The Conservatory at the Plains Board of Directors contracts with a property management company, Westwind Management Group. We have a dedicated community manager, Cylinda Walker who oversees our community and assists the HOA with its management. Alongside her is the staff at Westwind and Pauline Rivera, Accounting Representative. Cylinda and Pauline are the owners' primary contacts with the management company. Office hours are held every Thursday in the Community Center from 1 - 5 PM.


Contact Information:


Cylinda Walker | Community  Manager | 303-3691800 ext. 130


Pauline Rivera | Accounting Specialist | 303-369-1800 ext. 126


Cylinda Walker

Community Manager

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The Conservatory at the Plains




The Conservatory at the Plains community is a well maintained, peaceful sanctuary where families can walk trails with their dogs, enjoy the prairie and belong to a unique community.  Located on the eastern edge of Aurora, Colorado adjacent to the Plains Conservation Center, a dedicated open space stretching across 1,100 acres.  The purpose of the Conservatory Home Owners Association is to protect and enhance the quality, value, aesthetics, desirability and attractiveness of the community.  

The Conservatory at the Plains – your home on the prairie.