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Our HOA Board Meetings are now In Person


Join us on Thursday, September 9th at 5:30 PM

The Board of Directors invites you to attend the Monthly Board Meeting on the second Thursday,
of each month in 2021 at 5:30pm. In person meetings have resumed as of June 10, 2021.

Please take the opportunity to read through the attached Amended Policy Regarding Business Meeting Conduct with specific reference to owner participation at Board Meetings.

Please disregard page numbers and times on the agenda as those are specific to the Board of Directors. We hope you will take the time to attend.

Please note that the Manager Clubhouse Hours will be 1:00pm - 4:30pm on days a board meeting is held in order to allow the manager time to prepare .


A few things to remember

  • You are invited to observe the Board holding their business meeting and resident participation is limited.  When appropriate and you are recognized by the Chair, a 3-minute comment is allowed when appropriate.


  • View agenda.


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