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Volunteer Opportunities for Community Translators!  Are you willing to assist a new neighbor whose first language is not English? If interested list the language you fluently speak in an email to:


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May Happenings

Cultural celebrations foster respect and open-mindedness for other cultures.

Month of May we are celebrating the following heritages in our community.


  • Asian Heritage and Pacific Islanders Heritage

​Asian American and Pacific Islanders played a role in building America's transcontinental railroad. Many hardships were endured. Both groups have served in the United States military and thirty have been awarded the Medal of Honor 


  • Haitian Heritage

            John Batiste Point de Sable is recognized as the founder of Chicago

            Henri Christophe was an influential Haitian leader who played a significant role in the     American Revolution, serving in the French unit in Savannah, Georgia in 1780

            Pierre Toussaint, a philanthropist, delivering charitable services by establishing an           orphanage for refugees and offering them employment opportunities. 


  • Jewish American Heritage

            The contributions of Jewish Americans span hundreds of years in the U.S. Their    influence is far-reaching in America's way of life.

            Jewish leaders helped shape some of the nation's greatest struggles, such as the labor nd civil rights movements.

             Garrett E. Reisman was the first Jewish crew member on the International Space Station.


For more information regarding Heritage contributions and celebrations check your local library for books, recordings, movies and documentaries.


The Diversity committee welcomes stories about our neighbors that have American heritage stories they would like to share. Do we have any living legends in our community? Contact us via