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Conservatory Survey

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A Penny for Your Thoughts

Conservatory Community Center Bathroom Remodel Project

 Maintenance and Enhancements

The clubhouse has been in our community about the same time as the first homes were being built around 13-15 years ago. Part of what your assessments pay for is the upkeep and maintenance of the clubhouse and pool. The following issues have been identified as needing replacement and/or maintenance. There is a significant slip risk on bathroom floors during pool season, several faucets, shower plumbing/controls are not operating, hand dryers, and bathroom counters are no longer securely attached to the walls and light fixtures/fans are failing.


We would like your opinion on upgrading our plumbing to touch-free automatic fixtures, bringing the bathrooms into complete current ADA compliance, and refreshing the color scheme.

All the funds necessary for these projects have been saved and are being held in reserves for our amenities. The project budget is approximately $50k or 10% of reserves/savings.  No increase in assessments would be needed. Thank you for your participation in this survey and for your commitment to our community.  Please click on the link (you may need to press the CTRL key while simultaneously clicking on the link) below to get started. 

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