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Committees are where it happens!

Get Involved! Committees are where it happens!

· Meetings are casual with more time to get to know each other.

· Everyone can suggest a new idea for consideration.

· Information is gathered and discussed.

· Details are worked out and plans are put in place.

· You can volunteer to make it happen.

· You can attend any community committee meeting, just check the website calendar for the date and time. It is recommended that you contact the chairpersons to verify meetings as many are only held as needed.

· Reach the chairmen by sending a message through the Website Contact Us function and we will get you connected.

Conservatory Committees

Design Review: Meets alternate Monday evenings.

Social Committee: Meets the third Tuesday at 11AM and quarterly (June) in the evening.

Welcome Committee: Meets as needed.

Communications Committee: Meets the third Saturday at 10AM.

Operations Committee: Meets as needed.

Ad Hoc Bathroom Committee: Meets as needed.

Budget Committee: Meets beginning in June/July. Times determined by Chair and volunteers.

Nominations Committee: Meets beginning in July. Times determined by Chair and volunteers.

Ad Hoc Rules and Regulations Committee: Newly forming, meetings to be announced.

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