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Board Meeting Highlights

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Removing Barriers.

Your HOA is making the clubhouse ADA accessible.

At the April 8th monthly board meeting the Conservatory HOA Board of Directors voted to expand the scope of the bathroom remodel to make our building ADA accessible. You will see some of the changes before the pool opens, but the major changes will occur in the fall.

It’s all about doors: the front door and access door to the bathrooms from the pool area will become automatic opening, interior doors into the bathroom (always braced open now) will be removed permanently and the hallway door into the clubhouse modified.

Underdrain Update.

Engineering firm engaged. Project Manager hired.

We have again contracted with SBSA (Solutions Before Solutions After) to design and execute a repair to the underdrain at the intersection of S Jericho Way and E Girard Drive. Work will happen this summer. We have also hired a project manager to begin the routine maintenance on all the other areas of the system. In the past, volunteers and board members have performed this task but we recognized the need for a more permanent, consistent manager for this ongoing project.

Summertime lasts until September 12th.

Pool opens May 29th. Get your keycard!

The pool will open on schedule with some changes in COVID precautions. We will use our key card entry system to provide us contact tracing information if needed. It is a TWO STEP PROCESS. If you do not have a white key card, you can get one Thursday afternoons at the clubhouse or by contacting the community manager, Your key card will not be activated unless you have a signed COVID waiver on file with us. Last year’s is OK. Get the form here.

No Reservations this year! Lifeguards will enforce capacity limits. Tables and chairs will be available for use and sanitized frequently. Masks are optional currently. The pool will remain open until September 12th.

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