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August, 2023 - President's Blog

I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the hot summer months.

Board Nominations

We are calling for nominations for individuals who are willing to dedicate their time and efforts to the betterment of our community. Self-nomination form is available on the website. Learn more.

Explaining the Annual Budget Planning Process Transparency is vital in maintaining a strong sense of community. We want to take this opportunity to explain the annual budget approval process. Our budget is prepared with careful consideration of the community's needs and financial resources. The board, in collaboration with our management company, meticulously examines previous financial records, current expenditures, and future projects before presenting the proposed budget. The annual budget will then be reviewed by the board at the October regular meeting and presented to all homeowners for review as part of our upcoming annual meeting in December.

Underdrain Update In response to the water issues experienced by a small number of homeowners in our community, we want to address this matter proactively and transparently. We understand that water-related concerns can be distressing for affected homeowners, and we want to assure you that we are taking these matters seriously. The HOA remains committed to addressing and resolving community-wide issues promptly, while keeping the best interests of all homeowners in mind.

Our board and management company has been diligently investigating these concerns. Affected homeowners are strongly encouraged to have their drainage system scoped to determine whether their property is connected to the underdrain or not. Unfortunately, not all homes were connected at the time of their construction, and the HOA does not have access to any maps or records to identify which properties are or are not connected. In the event an affected home is not connected, there is little the HOA can do to help with respect to drainage.

The HOA does have the responsibility for maintaining the primary network of the underdrain located beneath the street. Like other utilities, such as sewers or fresh water supply, each homeowner is responsible for the portion of that system that lies between their home and the main lines.

To ensure the efficacy of our underdrain system, we enlist the expertise of professional contractors who conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance program of the entire system, split up into four zones which rotate each year. This initiative aims to identify any blockages, damages, or inefficiencies within the underdrain network before they cause problems.

Community Involvement and Feedback

As we continue to work together to enhance our community's quality of life, we encourage all residents to get involved. Whether it's participating in HOA meetings, joining committees, or suggesting new initiatives, your input matters. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone's voice is heard. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to making our community a wonderful place to call home.

-- Andrew Igl, Board President

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