The Conservatory at the Plains HOA

Exterior Home Improvement Design Review Request Form

(Allow 30 days to process your request)

PURPOSE OF REQUEST:  Check and fill in appropriate details

Print out and complete the pdf version of this form and attach paint chip samples to the completed form. (Click here to view the form.) The completed form with the attached paint samples can be mailed to Cylinda Walker, Westwind Management Group, Inc., 27 Inverness Drive East, Englewood CO  80112 or drop them off at the Conservatory Community Center Lock Box any time or in person during Thursday afternoon business hours.  Actual paint chips need to be reviewed in person by the Design Review Committee.

Indicate which color will go where on your property.

This includes painting your house, painting your fence, or painting/staining your concrete or deck.

If your house paint color is outside of the HOA Approved Color Schemes (use this process even if the colors selected are from more than one approved paint color scheme):





Please include details (for decks, concrete installations, gazebos, playsets or similar). 

A plot plan with a sketch or drawing, drawn to scale, indicating location of house and improvement on plot plan, including dimensions, measurements, distance from property lines, building materials, colors selected, photos, brochures or illustrations of improvement for proposed changes.

Exterior Construction Project Type

Please include landscaping details with plot plan, showing location of plantings to be used and species selected.  This includes trees, bushes, shrubs, gardens, borders, xeriscaping, or artificial turf.

Please include details (for windows, solar panels, roofing, radon mitigation, fencing or other: Complete description of improvement, brochures, photos, contractor details and placement.

Other Exterior Projects:

I understand that I must receive approval of the Association in order to proceed. I understand that Association Approval does not constitute approval of the local building department and that they may require a building permit. I agree to complete the improvements promptly after receiving approval. I have read any applicable governing documents for my association and accompanying instructions and will comply. I understand that all projects are subject to final inspection and acceptance by the association.

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To print a copy of this form or to save it as a PDF file, prior to submitting the form:

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Don't forget to submit the Design Review Completion Form once the project is finished.