Max Strain

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Max Strain

I am a retired Middle School educator who worked in a large metropolitan school district for over 30 years.  As I recently retired, I believe that I have a great deal to offer as a board member who has these years of experience working as a team member of a diverse community and has the time to commit to the requirements of a board member.  I can relate well with others and have learned how to be a good listener.

We have all made a significant investment in our homes and we need to protect that investment so that our community remains viable, desirable, and increases in value appropriately.  This is the primary role of a board member along with earning the respect and confidence of the members of the community.  

I have always been an honest, hardworking, individual and will bring those qualities to the board if I am selected for the position.  I have lived in the Conservatory for a little over 5 years and would enjoy getting to know a larger portion of our neighbors.  Working together we can all build a community that provides works well for all.

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